The construction industry is being forced to adapt, so as to conserve non-renewable energy. Insulation needs to be improved considerably. It is therefore logical that the construction industry looks to EPS, a high-quality insulating material which maintains its properties in a sustainable manner.

EPS is an inert material with a very low degree of water absorption. EPS is a durable insulating material. Depending on the application, it can be found in different densities from 8 g/l (beads for concrete screed) up to 150 g/l. Its use provides effective insulation as well as excellent value for money.

The moulding of EPS offers many new possibilities for the construction industry.

EPS is generally used in construction for the insulation of floors, walls and roofs. Whether in the form of beads, boards or insulating formwork blocks for both new construction and for renovation. EPS is continually expanding the scope of its applications in construction.

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